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Char'a'bok. The sound made by an attacking giant pink purple cobra. Honest.

I roleplay, fangirl, lose my temper too often, and generally have a lot of fun online. I post sporadically, famine or plenty. I'm Tasmanian and mixed-blood Aboriginal, straight and engaged but butch with sapphic-wannabe sympathies. I live with a very large and noisy family. I write saffic fanfic, usually in irritating present tense. I love love love children's books and cartoons, and I love love love my friends. I'm very easily influenced into fandoms. There's not really much to say about me, except apparently I'm like the world's adorablest ninja. Which is worth having put on my headstone.

Friends-only for now, but do add a comment if you want to be added. Even poisonous purple cobras don't rarely bite.

XXX Chara

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