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Dec. 26th, 2004 @ 06:49 pm unlocked in case my SS is reading and not on my flist
Dear yuletide Secret Santa, strict family rules prevented me coming online even though wanting to look at my fic was killing me, so I'm sorry this is late.  I hope you weren't worrying that I didn't like it because...

It is the most perfect wondermous story ever. Thank you so much. I didn't dare hope for anything so beautiful.

The rest of you, go read.Before Peter and After - a Tangled Web saffic. Virginia/Donna. Heart-breakingly sympathetic portrayal of poor ridiculous Virginia and Donna is just so and I loveitloveitloveitloveit. Donna was at the heart of all Virginia's posturings - Oh, Virginia. And Cousin Mahala! Uncle Pippin's assessment of Mahala was that she was 'something of a queer fish'. Eee!

If my SS isn't already involved in the saffic minimovement thingie, I want to hunt them down and coerce them in, because this is the kind of thing saffic is all about.

*  *  *

Christmas was noisy and tiring but, hey, I love my family. Belated and loving Christmas wishes to you all.

And my recipient is being really really lovely about my giftfic, which is causing me excruciating guilt because I wanted it to be so much better than it ended up. Maybe they just felt how hard I tried.
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